Avocado Green and Vegan Mattresses are hybrid latex/innerspring mattresses. A hybrid mattress combines an innerspring system with foam or latex to deliver the benefits of both technologies. Hybrids allow sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort. Our Latex Mattress is a non-hybrid mattress that harnesses the natural power and responsiveness of natural latex, with a full 9 inches of foam. All our mattresses are natural — since we use GOLS organic certified latex, and GOTS organic certified cotton and wool. Other mattress types include memory foam, spring mattresses, and, um, waterbeds.



Pure memory foam mattresses can have a sinking feeling. They also tend to sleep hot, due to the density and lack of breathability in what is often a synthetic pad. But our Latex Mattress sets a new bar for the category — a full 9 inches of foam provides firm, contouring support. It’s an all-foam mattress, but because we use natural, GOLS organic certified latex instead of dense, stuffy synthetic foams, it’s naturally breathable and cool. And while some all-latex mattresses can feel too bouncy, we utilize our patented, wavy Convoluted Latex that actually dampens the responsive foam layers and reduces motion transfer. So does the 100% GOTS organic certified cotton that we sandwich between each of the latex layers. The result is an all-latex mattress with just the right level or response and bounce. Meanwhile, spring mattresses can sometimes feel too firm, falling short in luxury and comfort. Hybrid mattresses like our Avocado Green Mattress combine the best of both worlds. With an innerspring unit that has up to 1,414 pocketed support coils, a GOTS organic certified latex core, organic certified cotton, and organic certified wool, our mattress sleeps cool while finding the perfect balance of plush support.

GOTS Organic Certified Suvin Cotton Sheets


Some mattresses sleep hotter than others. Memory foam mattresses, for example, retain more heat and lack airflow because of their density. Reducing our core temperature helps us fall asleep, so most people prefer a mattress that sleeps cool.

Our mattresses breathe naturally. The organic and natural materials have exceptional airflow, so you can rest assured that you will sleep comfortably cool.



Most mattresses are full of chemicals that can pollute your home and harm your body, including harsh Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can cause serious health problems. If you’re concerned about the impact these chemicals have on your respiratory and immune systems, look for a mattress this is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and certified by the Global Organic Textile (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). These certifications ensure the mattress has 95 percent organic content and is not made from polyurethane foam or other harmful chemicals, including nasty flame retardants.

Our Green Mattress and Latex Mattress are GREENGUARD Gold, GOTS, and GOLS certified. That’s because we use certified organic cotton, certified organic natural latex from a farm we co-own, and certified organic wool from sheep who roam on our organic pastures. That ensures our mattresses are free from any chemicals that can harm you or your family while you sleep.

GOTS Organic Certified Suvin Cotton Sheets


Typically, lighter sleepers want a softer mattress whereas heavier sleepers want one that is firmer. Mattresses that are more firm — like our standard Green Mattress and our Latex Mattress — are more popular for heavier individuals and couples so they don’t have that sinking into the mattress feeling.



How much firmness one needs typically depends on how much they weigh and the position in which they sleep. Firmness is generally done on a 1 to 10 scale, with a 1 being extra soft and a 10 being extra firm. Our standard mattress delivers a gentle, yet slightly firmer sleeping experience. Our Latex Mattress rates firm — a 7.5. Our standard green (and vegan) mattresses are a 7. Our pillow-top mattress features an additional 2″ layer of GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex and is softer — and rates as a 6. (Read more about our firmness ratings here.) Which one is right for you? Petite or light individuals benefit less from the additional layer of latex, while heavier individuals need more support.

Avocado Green® Mattress - Natural Mattresses, Green Beds


The starfish? The fetal? The pretzel? More typical is on our back (most of us), on our side (some of us), or on our stomach (a few of us). How you are usually oriented during sleep determines where the pressure is on your body — and thus where you need the most support. Typically, side sleepers prefer softer mattresses, since the pressure is focused on the shoulders and hips, while back and stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses since their weight is more evenly distributed.

Side sleepers and/or combination sleepers prefer our pillow-top option. Our Green Mattress has an advanced innerspring unit at the base, with three zones of support. These coils are tuned to provide optimal support for your hips and shoulders and help to ensure that your spine is properly aligned. Our comfort layers, which rest on top of the support coils, feature 4 inches of 100% GOLS organic certified latex foam. This provides the gentle, uplifting support that side sleepers require.

Back and stomach sleepers (and those with back pain), prefer our standard Green Mattress and Latex Mattress, because the firmer construction better supports their more evenly-distributed weight. Our Latex Mattress Our Latex Mattress provides gentle, stable motion-isolating support, with just a touch of gentle give. To learn more, check out our guide to sleeping positions.



Mattresses typically come in six different sizes: twin, twin xl, full/double, queen, king, California king. What size is right for you? Depends on how many, and the sizes, of the people and pets that will be sleeping on it. Check out our mattress size guide to learn more.



Sleeping well is essential to our health and our happiness. So buying a new mattress can be a big deal. We want your new mattress to be the right fit for you. That’s why we offer a 1-year trial on all our mattresses. Or, if you are near one of our Experience Centers, drop by to try the mattress in our store and hang out with our brilliant Customer Advocates. You can also reach out to them online at any time, schedule a personalized video meeting, or read some of our third party reviews.