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We don’t hold back on the GOLS-certified organic natural latex in our Latex Mattress. We use a full 9 inches of foam, all of which comes from our own organic farms, to provide firm, contouring support. With our GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton rounding out the support layers, the mattress is made exclusively with natural, organic, materials. A slimmer profile gives it a sleek, modern look. And rest easy knowing your mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold and 100% GOTS-certified organic for the highest marks in environmental and social responsibility.


Relaxed on Mattress
Relaxed on Mattress
Man tying shoes while sitting on mattress


Float. Don’t sink. This isn’t a memory foam mattress that will envelop you. Our Latex Mattress provides gentle, stable, cool, motion-isolating support, but with just a touch of gentle give. It features a whopping 9 inches of natural 100% GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex — sourced from our own farms in India. Unlike our hybrid Green and Vegan mattresses, there are no springs. Rating 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, this is our firmest mattress, but in an oh-so-good way. It’s ideal for active couples, back or stomach sleepers, and tall/large combination sleepers.

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Most all-latex mattresses feel too bouncy. Not ours. Our patented, wavy Convoluted Latex actually dampens the responsive foam layers and reduces motion transfer. So does the 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton that we sandwich between each of the latex layers. The result is an all-latex mattress with just the right level of response and bounce.



Our proprietary Convoluted Latex, reimagines a mattress’s foam core. We use lasers to cut the top of the foam into concave peaks, along the bottom of the top layer. (They don’t point up.) These zig-zagging waves of organic latex inhibit motion transfer and create three targeted zones that contour to your body’s harder bits and natural curves. In the middle, these waves are more compact (1 inch apart), while at the ends, the waves are longer (2 inches apart). This keeps your spine aligned and reduces pressure points in your shoulder and hips. No wonder it is endorsed, after vigorous testing, by the American Chiropractic Association.


Sitting on Needle-tufted mattress


Avocado mattresses feature our distinctive, soft, needle-tufted rosettes made from pure white organic wool. Needle-tufting is a time-honored technique dating back to the 17th century. It’s also highly functional. By pulling ribbons through the full mattress in up to 36 locations, we bind the layers together — without the use of toxic solvent or water-based adhesives. It radically improves durability and stability. And it's a hallmark of quality.

Lifting mattress by the heavy duty handles


Our all-latex mattress is heavy, between 93-185 pounds. That’s why we stitch two vertical, upholstered handles on both side panels of the mattress. With a low-profile and snug fit, our handles won’t bunch up underneath the sheets. These reinforced handles make rotating or adjusting your latex mattress hassle-free.

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Avocado is a certified B Corp and a carbon negative business. That means we voluntarily offset more than 100% of our emissions, from resource extraction all the way to shipping, by supporting carbon offset projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Our offset projects help mitigate climate change and support innovation in addressing greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

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& Zero Waste

We believe in a circular economy that accounts for the life cycle of our products. That’s one reason we design our Latex Mattress entirely from latex, wool, and cotton. What’s more is that our GOTS-certified California factory, which we power entirely with renewable energy, is on its way toward a Zero Waste certification, meaning we upcycle or recycle nearly all of our waste. The effort is consistent with our mission to set a new bar in environmental and social responsibility.


All Avocado Mattresses are Made Safe


Most mattresses are full of junk — plastic foams, toxic glues, harmful VOCs, and chemical flame retardants. Not ours. We use natural, safe materials. We even harvest our latex and our wool from our own sustainable farms. This ensures the highest purity and quality. These materials, including our cotton, are all organic and non-toxic. And we can prove it. Our Latex Mattress is GREENGUARD Gold, GOTS organic, and Formaldehyde-Free certified. Our cotton and wool are GOTS Organic Certified and USDA Organic. And our latex is GOLS Organic, eco-INSTITUT®, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance, and FSC® certified.

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Our Avocado Latex Mattress is certified to be safe. It is GREENGUARD Gold certified by UL Environment and Formaldehyde Free certified. We use the most rigorous third-party testing to ensure no materials are known or suspected to harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems. This means no flame retardants, anywhere in the mattress.

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Avocado Latex Mattresses are backed by one of the industry's best warranties — 25 years! The first 10 years offer non-prorated protection (full replacement value and shipping costs), while years 11-25 continue with prorated protection.


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