Most companies fill their throw pillows with petroleum-based polyurethane foams and siliconized fibers. They get covered with chemical-based polyester fabric that can impact human and environmental health. Not us. We craft our Organic Throw Pillow Insert exclusively with certified organic materials. We fill our pillow with GOLS-certified organic (CU 863637) natural latex shreds and GOTS-certified organic kapok fiber and stitch it all together with GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric. It's a GOTS-certified organic product.



We fill our pillow inserts generously with a blend of GOLS-certified organic latex ribbons, upcycled from our mattress production, and GOTS-certified organic kapok fiber. These materials are sustainably sourced and processed in our facilities in India and Guatemala. Latex provides support, resilience, durability, and temperature control, similar to our mattresses. Kapok fiber, sourced from the Ceiba pentandra tree, offers the luxurious smoothness of silk and the fluffiness of cotton, making it an ideal, eco-friendly, and vegan alternative to down.


Elevate the look and feel of your pillow insert with one of our stunning, removable Wool Throw Pillow Covers. Made with natural alpaca fiber that we ethically source from a high-elevation farm in the Peruvian Andes, our pillow covers augment any room with elegance, warmth, and timeless style. The eco-friendly natural fiber is also flame-resistant, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, silky, soft, and never itchy.


We craft our Organic Throw Pillow Insert with the best organic materials from around the world. GOTS validates that we provide our factory team with fair wages and safe working conditions. GOTS also prohibits the use of toxic chemicals commonly used in textile processing that can cause cancer, birth defects, and other serious illnesses.


Our Organic Throw Pillow inserts come voluminously stuffed, delivering a medium-plush feel. Give them a good shake and fluff regularly. If you prefer to change its level of support, a convenient zipper enables you to add or remove fill to meet your ideal volume, firmness, and style preference. You can always also purchase more fill to increase volume and extend the life of your insert.