No chemicals. No synthetic materials. No nasty glues. Make drying quieter and easier on your clothes and bedding with our GOTS-certified organic Wool Dryer Balls. They absorb static and reduce drying time, saving on energy costs. Made entirely with natural materials, they’re held together by a mechanical felting process. Plus, they’re biodegradable and good for over 1,000 loads of laundry.



Dryer balls quietly prevent your laundry from clumping up, increasing hot air circulation and reducing energy use (and energy bills). Our Wool Dryer Balls can cut down drying time by 10-25 percent, because the fibers are naturally absorbent. Unlike single-use dryer sheets or fabric softeners, our Wool Dryer Balls can last for more than 1,000 loads. They’re also biodegradable. When our Wool Dryer Balls have worn out, the organic, natural fibers will decompose.



Our Wool Dryer Balls are made with our GOTS-certified organic wool. We harvest the wool from our own organic and ethical wool collective in India, where 180,000 of our sheep roam pastures in the foothills of the Himalayas. We process the wool in our nearby GOTS-certified organic wool factory, a linchpin of the community where many of the employees are women who were victims of domestic violence. Their jobs cleaning and combing our wool help support their independence. The program is part of our broader mission of social and environmental responsibility.



Avocado Wool Dryer Balls are MADE SAFE® certified. That means they bear their stamp of approval for everyday products that have been developed with 100 percent healthy ingredients. By approving our materials, MADE SAFE has determined that these products meet their rigorous safety standards.

Certified Safe Wool Dryer Balls



  • Dimensions & Weight

  • Set of 3. Use up to 6 dryer balls for larger loads.
    Not refundable.

  • Materials

  • 100% GOTS organic certified wool. The benefits of wool’s complex and natural physio-chemical structure are endless: it wicks away moisture and keeps your clothes smelling fresh. And it’s also non-allergenic (ideal for those who suffer allergies to feather and down or synthetic bedding products) and a renewable resource. No additives or synthetics are added to the wool.

  • Care Instructions

  • For best results, use 2-3 balls for smaller loads and up to six for larger loads. Our wool dryer balls are naturally unscented. For a touch of fragrance, add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil to your wool dryer balls after your load is completely dry and run the dryer on a no-heat setting for 10 minutes.

  • Climate Neutral Certified

  • As a Climate Neutral Certified company since 2019, we've measured Avocado's annual cradle-to-consumer emissions, offset them by investing in climate change solutions, and started taking real action to reduce our emissions. We also recognize our offsets and reductions aren't enough. Solving climate change will require systemic solutions. That's why, through our partnerships with Ceres and the American Sustainable Business Network, we also advocate for state and federal policies that support equitable solutions to the climate crisis.