In 2019, Avocado Green Mattress became the first mattress company to become Climate Neutral Certified, effectively making our business "carbon neutral." A year later, we took it a step further by going carbon negative — offsetting more carbon emissions than the company generates. We do that by reducing everything we can, then by offsetting all of our scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. That's the full carbon footprint that our business activity generates, from resource extraction to finished product delivery. Our offset projects help mitigate climate change and support innovation in addressing greenhouse gas emissions reductions. For 2020, we funded verified projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to purchase 39,000 offsets. 

Climate Neutral Certified  




We know that the global threat of climate change is caused in part by making and delivering goods. Businesses must be part of the solution. We can lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by working to reduce our carbon pollution and offsetting what we cannot by investing in projects that reduce the world's carbon output. The Climate Neutral label empowers consumers to choose brands that are taking action. But we didn't just want to stop at net-zero emissions, because we know that collectively we still have a long ways to go to mitigate climate change. That's why we're continuing to raise the bar with our commitment to be carbon negative — offsetting more carbon emissions than we generate.



Climate Neutral is an independent nonprofit organization accelerating the transition to a low-carbon world by putting a price on carbon emissions. They're leading the fight against climate change by helping brands measure, reduce, and offset entire carbon footprints. Avocado Green Mattress was the first mattress brand in the world to be Climate Neutral Certified.



There is no future without action. Climate Neutral helps brands declare that eliminating their carbon is a fundamental act of doing business. If everybody does it, together we can: (1) Cut carbon immediately to help halt our warming trend. (2) Drive additional funding to low carbon technologies. (3) Send proof to policymakers that businesses are ready to act. Climate Neutral provides a simple and straightforward way to become part of the global climate solution.



​Climate Neutral is a tool that helps companies measure their full carbon footprint and publicly commit to reducing and offsetting all of it in order to achieve a net-zero business operation. For our certification, they calculated scopes 1 (direct emissions: sources that are owned or controlled by Avocado Green Mattress), 2 (indirect emissions: purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling for own use), and 3 (indirect emissions: indirect emissions occurring in the value chain associated with the production of a specific product).


​​Internal reductions are important. They also usually take time — years or decades — to implement completely. That is why they should be paired with 100% offsetting in the near term to support a transition to a low-carbon economy.


​​Carbon offsets are vehicles for paying to remove carbon from the atmosphere or prevent greenhouse gases from getting there in the first place by financing things like forest conservation or clean energy. Our carbon offset partner is the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. To offset our 2019 emissions, we worked with BEF to support the Greater New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy project in Massachusetts; the Lee County Waste to Energy program in Florida; the Clinton Landfill #2 Gas Collection and Combustion Project in Illinois; the Doe Mountain Forest Management project in Tennessee; the Crow Lake Wind Project in South Dakota; and the Winston Creek Forest Project in Washington.


​​We proudly display the Climate Neutral Certified logo on our website, on our product tags, and on our packaging.