Safer for you and your family. That’s what our eco-INSTITUT certification means. By approving our 100% GOTS organic certified latex foam, which we use in our mattresses, pillows, and toppers, the meticulous German organization leaves no doubt. They analyze products based on the most strict requirements for pollutants and emissions. Items with the eco-INSTITUT label are reliably low in off-gassing and hazardous substances. The third-party validation verifies that our latex contains no harmful substances, no non-natural rubber content, and meets stringent standards for emissions (VOCs, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde). Our latex, which we process ourselves, is certified under the name Signature Foam PVT (now called Avocado Organic Latex). You can view our certificate (held by our latex processor Signature Foam) here.



The scientists at eco-INSTITUT are experts in testing for healthy living products and furnishings. Their ultra-modern lab in Cologne, Germany, includes 90 glass and stainless steel emissions test chambers. eco-INSTITUT’s exhaustive test criteria for certification include compliance with limit values for harmful substances and the provisions of European and German chemicals legislation. They also go beyond the standards of mandatory legal national requirements. You can trust that a product with their label has been rigorously tested and approved to the highest standards of in-home safety.

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We spend 90 percent of our lives inside, and indoor toxins can be really dangerous. The EPA estimates that thousands of products release invisible gasses, known as volatile organic compounds (or VOCs), which can cause all sorts of nasty ailments. Think eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, loss of coordination, and nausea. They can damage the liver, kidney, and central nervous system, and some are suspected or known to cause cancer. Children are especially vulnerable. 

Polyurethane foam found in some mattresses is a source of VOC emissions. That material, which is made from ingredients derived from fossil fuels, is also highly combustible, so it’s often treated with flame retardants, which are in turn associated with serious health and environmental impacts.

That’s why we have eco-INSTITUT test our 100% GOTS organic certified latex foam. The label ensures trust: You’re buying a mattress that takes healthy living seriously.