Our Santa Monica showroom is now open. The safety of our team and our community is our top priority, so we ask all those visiting us to wear a face mask

1120 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, daily

Can't make it to the store? Try a personalized sales demo via Zoom video conferencing! Free 30 minute sessions. (Kindly note that our Video Sales Team is not able to help with support for existing orders.) 




We designed our Santa Monica Experience Center to be the ideal version of a home: warm, welcoming, comfortable, inclusive. The stunning, airy space, illuminated by a bespoke skylight, is full of natural light and plants, as well as our top-rated, organic and natural bedding and furniture. We want to share our ethos and products, so we encourage you to talk to our brand experience advocates and to spread out on our mattresses and toppers, feel our lavish throws and sheets, rest your head on our luxurious pillows, and touch the textured, reclaimed wood of our furniture — or just chill out for a bit at the cafe. More than a store, we want to bring the community together through regular events, meditation and yoga classes, conversations, and live music. This is a space to connect, discover, learn, and be inspired.




Images of our sustainable factory and farms adorn the walls of our showroom, where you can try our standard and pillow-top organic mattresses yourself, as well as our spectacular pillows and organic mattress toppers. Our goal is to introduce our mission, materials, and values to you. Throws, sheets, and pillows are all available for purchase at the showroom. If you’re interested in making a mattress purchase, we’ll help place your order and have it shipped directly to your home.


Rest. Relax. Chill. No one is on commission. If you have any questions about products or specific materials, our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help.


The Sleep Experience is an immersive way to understand what a night’s sleep feels like on an Avocado Green Mattress. Featuring our goop X Avocado bed, the 5- to 15-minute session includes sunset, nighttime sky, and circadian lighting and binaural beats to move you into a state of deep relaxation.


In the cafe, we serve healthy, locally-sourced snacks and have Stumptown Cold Brew and flavors from M Kombucha and Babe Kombucha on tap. From M Kombucha, in Carlsbad, we pour Unwind (lavender, chamomile, butterfly pea flower), Awaken (grapefruit, apple, ginger), and Uplift (hibiscus flower, juniper berry, ginger). From San Diego’s Babe Kombucha, we serve Maui Wowie (coconut, banana, and strawberry) and Sandia (watermelon and cucumber). They are all delicious.


We want you to feel at home. Eat or work at the communal table, play chess, or pull up a stool at our wellness cafe. We’re also working with like-minded organizations to host regular events, classes, workshops, readings, live music, and featured artists. Our Santa Monica Experience Center is a community hub — and we want you to be a part of it.


Our Santa Monica Experience Center is a Santa Monica Certified Green Business. The certification recognizes excellence in sustainability by distinguishing small- to medium-sized businesses in the community that foster a vibrant green economy.