Our hybrid mattresses provide best-in-class ergonomic support, contouring to properly align your spine for better sleep and revitalized mornings.

Featuring coils made in the USA by Leggett & Platt® using 100% recycled steel, three different wire gauges and two different coil turn setups are used to tune each coils’ firmness based on its position in the bed. This is the pinnacle of body-contouring support!

Far superior to lower-end designs, our Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® unit is a marvel of bed-tech. Each coil is individually wrapped and allowed to flex independently, tirelessly conforming to your body’s natural curves.

5 Strategically-tuned zones with springs that extend to the end, eliminating that “roll-off” feeling: (1) two reinforced side rails, (2) two reinforced header and footer rails, (3) gentle upper body zone, (4) firmer lumbar support in the middle, and (5) another gentle lower-body zone. Because of the unique design of the zones, our mattresses can be rotated, but never need flipping. 




Where you rest your head matters, especially in a quest for better health. Our mattresses are made without polyurethane foams using only the finest GOLS organic certified latex and GOTS organic certified wool and cotton. 

Certified Non-Toxic Mattress

Our mattresses are MADE SAFE® certified — a rigorous screening process determining that all the materials we use in them are free from ingredients linked to or suspected to cause harm to humans, animals, or ecosystems. Instead, it prohibits all use of harmful substances, such as flame retardants, everywhere in the mattress. Avocado is one of only three mattress brands in the world to meet this gold standard of safety.

No Misleading Claims

Many brands do everything they can to suggest  their polyurethane foams and memory foams are environmentally friendly and natural. That’s why the legal label is so revealing. By law, it details exactly what’s used in the cushioning layers of a mattress, in strictly regulated language. We’re proud of what our legal label says: Natural Latex, Wool Fiber, and Organic Cotton.




1-Year Sleep Trial

It can take time for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Try an Avocado mattress in the comfort of your home. Relax. Sleep. Play. There’s no rush. You have a full year — more than enough time to evaluate the impact on your sleep quality and wellbeing. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money and arrange for a charitable donation to a local nonprofit or arrange a pickup for recycling or responsible disposal, per the terms of our Sleep Trial Policy.

10 to 25-Year Warranty

Avocado mattresses are backed by one of the industry's best warranties — up to 25 years! The first 10 years offer full replacement value and include return shipping costs, while years 11-25 continue with prorated protection. Even so, our performance test data and independent testing and reviews suggest a more important point: the best assurance is to start with a quality product.




With so many options, separating fact from fiction can be a challenge. Especially when there are so many confusing brands, industry terms and mattress technologies at play. So, when evaluating natural mattress brands, consider the following:

  • GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex, a natural more eco-conscious option compared to Talalay (which can never be considered Organic. The process is less eco-friendly and it usually contains fillers like polyurethane or other synthetic materials).
  • Innerspring support versus memory foam to avoid that “sinking” effect. 
  • Purity and transparency in materials used to construct the mattress. Our claims are backed by certifications available to the public: like MADE SAFE® (non-toxic), GREENGUARD Gold (low-emissions), GOTS & GOLS (organic). Our law labels are made available on our product pages so you’re aware of our mattress’ ingredients.
  • Needle-tufted means no chemical adhesives between the comfort layers of a mattress. Mattresses with chemical adhesives can emit volatile organic compounds that impact long-term health.
  • A 1-year sleep trial means you can truly sleep on it for up to 365 nights. If it's not right for you, a member of our sustainability team will work with you to have it donated or recycled and issue a full refund. There are no restocking fees. 




What type of mattress is best for side sleepers?

An innerspring or hybrid mattress provides ideal support to properly align your spine for better sleep. Our Avocado Green, Vegan, and Luxury Plush mattresses have an advanced innerspring unit at the base, with five zones of support. These coils are tuned to provide optimal support for your hips and shoulders, and help to ensure that your spine is properly aligned. Our comfort layers, which rest on top of the support coils, feature 4 inches of 100% GOLS organic certified latex. This provides the gentle, uplifting support that side sleepers require.

How firm should a mattress be for side sleepers?

Based on mattress testing by a leading independent consumer publication, medium-firm mattresses are ideal for side sleepers. The standard Avocado Green Mattress delivers a gentle, yet slightly firmer sleeping experience. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = Soft as a cloud, 10 = Very firm), our standard Green Mattress is a 7. Our softer pillow-top Green Mattress features an additional 2″ layer of GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex — and rates as a 6. Our Luxury Plush pillow-top mattress rates as a 3/10 — it's spectacularly plush — and the standard version rates as a 4/10, a medium-soft feel. Our Eco Organic Mattress rates as a 5/10 for a medium feel.