• Avocado Digital Gift Card

  • Gift cards function like currency. Gift cards expire two years from the date of gift card purchase, except for residents. There are no service fees associated with buying a gift card. Card can be used more than once if there is remaining balance. Cards are transferable. Recipients receive a code they can apply at checkout. If you want to keep your gift card for yourself, nobody has to know.

  • Paperless

  • Our Avocado Digital Gift Card is sent via email, you will not receive a physical gift card in the mail. Offering paperless gift cards is part of our broader Carbon Negative Initiatives. 

  • Apple Wallet

  • You can add your gift card to Apple Wallet. Simply click the Add to Apple Wallet button on your unique link. The Apple Wallet Pass will display our store information, the gift card's active balance, and a unique QR code. The pass can be used in our retail stores and scanned using the Shopify POS app.