Personalize your space with our City Bed shelves and book nook — perfect for reading material, candles, plants, and whatever else you like to keep close. With a sleek, modern design, the shelves, like the City Bed itself, are ideal for small rooms where space is a premium. Made with real, FSC-certified alder in our Los Angeles woodshop, the shelves and book nook keep all your bedside essentials close by. And assembly is a cinch — just hook your shelves where you want them on the bed frame. 



We craft our sleek City Bed and matching accessories in our FSC-certified Los Angeles woodshop, where we combine high-tech capabilities with traditional craftsmanship. The woodshop is located within our GOTS certified factory, where our valued production teams are paid living wages and provided progressive and comprehensive benefits, including family healthcare and three weeks of paid vacation.


No particle board. No fiberboard. No toxic finishes or stains. We handcraft the accessories for our City Bed from 100% real, solid, FSC-certified alder, a fast-growing, renewable birch tree. A combination of water-based ECOS stains give it a dark color similar to walnut. The result is a high-quality, eco-friendly, and affordable piece of furniture.


Just hook your shelves and books nooks where you want them on the frame. That’s it. No tools, craftspeople, or manuals needed. 


In 2019, Avocado Green Mattress became the first mattress company to become Climate Neutral Certified, effectively making our business “carbon neutral.” A year later, we took it a step further by going carbon negative — offsetting more carbon emissions than the company generates. Carbon offsets are vehicles for paying to remove carbon from the atmosphere or to prevent greenhouse gases from getting there in the first place by financing things like forest conservation or clean energy.



  • Dimensions

  • Shelf: 16" L x 9" W x 3.25" H – 3 lbs
    Book Nook: 21" L x 6.5" W x 7.5" H – 4 lbs

  • Shipping

  • We ship our City Bed accessories from our shop in Los Angeles via FedEx.

  • Solid Wood Construction

  • The City Bed Accessories are constructed from 100% FSC-certified alder. Alder is appealing, abundant, and sustainable, with well-managed growth. Alder is not endangered, making it an eco-friendly choice. It is also grown in North America, reducing the carbon impact from transportation.

  • Zero VOC Finish

  • We do not use traditional lacquers or varnishes, which typically contain harsh chemicals that can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues. Instead, our beds use a zero-VOC ECOS® wood stain, which is organic, non-toxic, and odor-free. It conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions test taken at 11, 12, & 14 days for classroom and office use), as well ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation, and respiratory effects.

  • Safe, Odorless Glues

  • Our assembly utilizes Titebond® wood glues, which are safe and produce no harmful fumes. They meet the requirements of ASTM D4236 for safe use with arts and crafts, and have both been approved for indirect food contact.

  • Carbon Negative Production & Shipping

  • Avocado is a carbon negative business. That means we voluntarily offset more than 100% of our emissions, from resource extraction to shipping, by supporting carbon offset projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Our offset projects help mitigate climate change and support innovation in addressing greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

    Learn More About Our Carbon Negative Initiatives

  • Return Policy & Warranty

  • All furniture sales are final, except when there are defects in workmanship, which are covered by a 10-year warranty. Please note that this is a natural wood product that will feature blemishes, knots, or other scars in the wood as testimony to its age, noble character, and singular beauty.