Introducing our Eco Bed Frame with Adjustable Legs — a perfect blend of minimalistic elegance and affordability. This sleek, versatile design offers three adjustable leg heights, ensuring seamless integration into any bedroom decor. Not only does it provide exceptional affordability, strength, and support, but it also boasts the convenience of easy disassembly for hassle-free relocation. Plus, the frame features a cover made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and legs crafted from solid rubberwood.


Bed Frame Adjustable Legs


Customize our bed frame to suit your needs effortlessly. With the inclusion of rubberwood legs in three convenient heights — 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches — you have the flexibility to fashion a low-profile bed frame or elevate it to maximize under-the-bed storage. Its minimalist, contemporary aesthetic also renders it a perfect choice for apartments, compact spaces, and children's bedrooms, where the ability to transition from a floor-level bed to a standard bed height proves to be incredibly practical.

Adjustable Legs


Find peace of mind knowing that our Eco Bed Frame boasts a foundation of robust, solid wood legs. Crafted from resilient rubberwood, a hardwood sourced from rubber trees cultivated on responsible plantations across Asia, Africa, and South America. These trees, primarily grown for latex production, transition seamlessly into the second phase of their lifecycle as valuable rubberwood lumber when they reach the end of their productive years.



We construct our platform from solid hardwood, firmly affixed to a robust metal frame capable of effortlessly accommodating any of our mattresses. Its surface is elegantly adorned with GOTS-certified organic cotton, harmonizing seamlessly with the ticking featured on our mattresses.


Minimalist Bed Frame
Minimalist Bed Frame