Our Organic Cotton Pillow Protector pairs perfectly with our customizable Green Pillow. Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, it protects your pillow from everyday wear and stains while adding a cozy support layer for healthier, restful sleep. It’s crafted in our factory and features a 400 thread-count cotton single-ply weave, meaning it’s naturally breathable and buttery soft to the touch. And the hidden side-zipper design makes it easy to remove and wash.

GOTS organic certified Climate Neutral



Stains happen. But our Organic Cotton Pillow Protector ensures makeup, spills, and other messes don’t reach your pillow — extending its lifespan. And cleaning the protector is simple. Remove it using the hidden side-zipper, then machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Make sure the protector is completely dry before putting it back on your pillow.



We stitch our Organic Cotton Pillow Protector with GOTS-certified organic cotton. This makes it ideal for sleepers with allergies, asthma, or breathing issues. The hidden zipper also allows it to be easily removed and washed, so you can clean it regularly to avoid the buildup of skin cells, hair, and sweat for better, peaceful sleep.


Our pillow protector is certified to MADE SAFE® standards. This process screens for toxins that may harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems. 


As a Climate Neutral Certified company since 2019, we've measured Avocado's annual cradle-to-consumer emissions, offset them by investing in climate change solutions, and started taking real action to reduce our emissions. That's why, through our partnerships with Ceres and the American Sustainable Business Network, we also advocate for state and federal policies that support equitable solutions to the climate crisis.


We're proud to be certified by UL Solutions for a landfill diversion rate of 85%. That means only 15% of our manufacturing waste ends up in the landfill — we upcycle or recycle the rest. Since we began Project Zero Waste in 2020, we've been a pioneer in the space, increasing our waste diversion rate by 33%. We are the first mattress and bedding company to achieve this. We're we aren't done yet. Our goal is at least a 90% diversion rate. Read more about Project Zero Waste.