Add Fill To Your Existing Pillow

Our non-toxic pillows come voluptuously stuffed, delivering a medium-plush feel. However, if you prefer to change the feel of your existing pillow — or simply extend its life — it’s easy. A convenient zipper on the cover allows you to add fill and adjust it to meet your ideal stuffing volume, firmness, and sleeping preferences. For proper head, neck, and shoulder support, this can make a significant difference in your sleep experience.

We include one bag of ½ pound fill with each Green Pillow. Additional refill is available in either ½ pound or 1 pound increments, made in Los Angeles from the same upcycled GOLS organic certified latex shreds and GOTS organic certified kapok tree fiber that we use in our best-selling pillows. The 1/2 pound refill bag is enough to add volume to one pillow, whereas the 1 pound refill bag is generally enough for two. For reference, our standard pillow uses 3 pounds of fill; the queen uses 4 pounds; and the king, 5 pounds.



Simply use the zipper to open the cover of your existing Avocado Green Pillow. Then open the zipper on the inner jersey cotton liner. Add as much fill to support your needs and individual sleep preferences. Keep any extra fill in the reusable bag for future use.


Our pillow fill is Greenguard Gold Certified by UL Environment. That means they’re scientifically tested to meet the world’s most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, and phthalates. Few pillows qualify for this gold standard. For a deeper dive into indoor air quality, pollutants, and your health, visit our Greenguard Gold Certification page.



  • Avocado Green Pillow Refill

  • ½ Pound Package: Contains one ½ pound refill bag.
    1 Pound Package: Contains two ½ pound refill bags.
    Please note: We do not accept returns on pillow fill.

  • Fill Content

  • Each refill bag contains a 70/30 blend, based on weight, of 100% GOLS organic certified latex, upcycled from the production of our best-selling green mattresses, and 100% GOTS organic certified natural fiber from the Kapok tree.

  • Vegan – No Wool or Animal Products

  • Avocado vegan products contain no animal products or animal by-products, such as wool. We do, however, produce products that contain wool, and shared machinery and facilities are used between our vegan and non-vegan products.

  • Carbon Negative Production & Shipping

  • Avocado is a carbon negative business. That means we voluntarily offset more than 100% of our emissions, from resource extraction to shipping, by supporting carbon offset projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Our offset projects help mitigate climate change and support innovation in addressing greenhouse gas emissions reductions.
    Learn More About Our Carbon Negative Initiatives