The Mid-Century Modern Side Table is part of our Mid-Century Modern Collection — all handcrafted in our FSC®-certified woodshop. Made with ethically sourced, solid maple or walnut and individually assembled with impeccable craftsmanship by our team in Los Angeles. Perfect for reading corners, offices, or next to a couch or lounge chair, the table offers an ideal landing space for coasters, coffee, a cocktail, a small book, or even a lamp. Pair with our Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair.


Wood Dining Table base is crafted with upcycled wood.


With its minimal, modern design, our Mid-Century Modern Side Table is easy to move and maximizes small spaces, so it’s ideal for offices, reading nooks, or beside a loveseat. But it will look sharp next to our Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair or anywhere else in your home.

Solid Wood Side Table


We craft our Mid-Century Modern Side Table with your choice of maple or walnut. Resilient, renewable, and long-lasting, these hardwoods are an ideal choice for furniture. And the woods’ beautiful, natural patina adds to its exceptional appeal. We believe in letting the rich character of the wood speak for itself. This way, every piece is original, with its slight variations. 

Mid-Century Modern Wood Furniture Collection


Crafted in our FSC®-certified woodshop in Los Angeles, where labor and ethical standards are high, our Side Table is a testament to American-made craftsmanship and responsible sourcing.