Designed to fit our Green Pillow or Molded Latex Pillowour Organic Waterproof Pillow Protector is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and provides the ultimate protection for your pillow. Manufactured in our factory, it prevents spills and liquids (such as drool) from seeping into your pillow, helps reduce makeup and oily stains, prevents allergies, and keeps dust mites at bay. The hidden side zipper makes it easy to remove and wash. And because the waterproof polyurethane layer is incredibly thin, there’s no uncomfortable plastic crinkle.

GOTS organic certified Climate Neutral



Our pillow protector features an ultra-thin polyurethane waterproof barrier that accounts for only 5% of its materials — within the GOTS standards for an essential material accessory. The rest is made of GOTS organic certified cotton. That means a healthier sleep for you and the added assurance that your pillow is protected from inevitable spills and stains, as well as bacteria and dust mites.



When it’s time to wash your pillow protector, doing so is simple. Remove it using the hidden side zipper and machine-wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle. Do not put it in the dryer. Hang the pillow protector and let it air dry. And if it looks a little wrinkly after the wash, that’s normal — the protector will smooth out once it’s back on your pillow.


Our pillow protector is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton that’s sustainably grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. No chemical adhesives or artificial dyes are used. Organic cotton is a superior, high-quality material that’s durable, breathable and wicks away moisture better than anything synthetic.


As a Climate Neutral Certified company since 2019, we've measured Avocado's annual cradle-to-consumer emissions, offset them by investing in climate change solutions, and started taking real action to reduce our emissions. Through our partnerships with Ceres and the American Sustainable Business Network, we also advocate for state and federal policies that support solutions to the climate crisis.