Sleep on your new Avocado Green Mattress or Avocado Vegan Mattress and allow your body time to adjust. Your 1-year risk-free mattress trial begins after you receive your mattress. During your sleep trial, if you decide that your Avocado Green Mattress isn’t right for you, please contact us. A member of our sustainability team will reach out and have it donated for a full refund. (Returned mattresses cannot be resold.) There are no charges for restocking or return pickups. Once we confirm receipt, you’ll receive a full refund.

Exclusions: (1) Our serviceable area for complimentary mattress pickups and returns is the 50 states of the United States only, including Alaska and Hawaii. If your mattress is located outside the USA, you are responsible for any costs associated with pick-up and return. (2) If you finance your mattress via Affirm, you’ll receive a full refund less any applicable financing fees paid to date directly via Affirm. (3) Products must be in a condition suitable for donation to be eligible for return (i.e., no stains, tears, excessive odors, or soiling). We request photo(s) to confirm that your mattress is in appropriate condition to be donated. Protect your mattress with our Organic Mattress Pad Protector. (4) The risk-free sleep trial is limited to two of each particular product type per initial order. If you decide to exchange your mattress, it will end your sleep trial. If you return or exchange a mattress from any order, you are not eligible for an additional 1-year trial on future mattress orders. (5) This 1-year trial period is effective for purchases made on or after June 28, 2019. Purchases made prior to that date remain within a 100-night trial period. (6) the Sleep Trial for the Luxury Avocado Crib Mattress is limited to 100 days only.


Obviously, it takes time to adjust to any new mattress. Although we do not put requirements on how long you must sleep on your new mattress before requesting a Sleep Trial Return, we do respectfully ask that you give it a fair and honest trial — 30 to 60 days. Your body needs time to acclimate to see if you sleep more deeply, breathe more easily, and wake more refreshed and energized.


We have an extremely low rate of returns during the 1-year free mattress trial period, but, yes, it does happen. When it does, we arrange to have the mattress picked up — you do not have to package it or ship it back. We do our best to coordinate everything for you. (We have an awesome support team.) Because we are a green company, we do our best to ensure that returned mattresses are donated to a local charity, in the spirit of our Giving initiative. Rest assured, we do not resell previously used mattresses, and we only use all new materials in every mattress (which is confirmed on your mattress’s legal label).

Because we do not charge a restocking or return shipment fee, your 1-year sleep trial is truly risk-free. Most other brands charge a restocking fee or require you to pay for the return shipment (expensive) and/or coordinate the mattress return (challenging). This is intended to limit returns by making them too costly or difficult. We don’t do that.

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