Our mission is to make quality products with natural and organic materials that are luxurious, healthy and affordable — and to do so in a sustainable manner. As our business scales and evolves, we endeavor to continually improve how we can live in better balance with each other and our planet in three core areas:

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As a sustainable mattress company, we strive to ensure that we consume natural resources (materials, energy, land, water, etc.) at a sustainable rate. We seek resources that are environmentally-friendly and renewable, recyclable, and always consider environmental factors and their impact on human health when sourcing our materials and manufacturing our products. Eliminating pollutants, reducing chemical exposure and voluntarily offsetting our carbon footprint via Carbonfund on an annual basis is of prime importance to us.

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We balance the needs of environmental sustainability with running our business at fair and appropriate margins (without which our business couldn’t sustain itself.) We do our best to act responsibly, operate efficiently, be honest, and consider the long-term implications of our actions.

Economic Sustainability


We also seek a balance with our planet’s “human resources” — to maintain and promote health, human rights, labor rights, social justice, diversity, culture integrity and quality of life. We hope to inspire goodness with goodness. Our Giving initiative is a step forward in this direction.

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