Alec - Avocado Green Mattress


A New Jersey native, Alec spends his time watching horror movie marathons or lurking around Jersey City looking for new places to eat. If you need any recommendations, he’s definitely got some! He’s always loved connecting with people and brightening their day which is what brought him to Avocado.

Alex - Avocado Green Mattress


Alex works with Jeff, her husband, managing our partner relationships, and manages our sourcing and supply chain. She pushes us to ensure that we procure only the highest quality natural materials from ethical and sustainable sources, and oversees the manufacturing processes of the mattresses themselves. Prior to Avocado, Alex spent ten years in commercial garment manufacturing.

Alex R - Avocado Green Mattress


A born and raised Brooklynite whose thirst for knowledge is never quenched. This avid reader’s interests span from fashion and construction to science and cooking. Alex enjoys using his expansive know-how to help others.

Allison - Avocado Green Mattress


Originally from Seattle, Alison loves anything outdoorsy, particularly running and hiking. In her free time, she loves exploring her home neighborhood of upper Manhattan, reading, going to brunch, learning about history, and playing with her two rescue cats.

Alma - Avocado Green Mattress


An eternal student of life, Alma lives to explore the world’s vibrant cultures, flavors and, people. When she’s not diving into a good book, yoga or martial arts you can find her trekking into a wilderness in her home state of California. She’s passionate about plant medicine, sustainable living, human and animal rights.

Amy - Avocado Support Team


Amy has a serious obsession with Mexican food. If it were possible, she’d always be traveling. She can spend all day floating around in a pool or sipping a drink at the beach. She adds the Indian spice to the Avocado team. And nothing gives Amy more satisfaction than a customer that’s truly happy!

Bianca - Avocado Green Mattress


Bianca is a New Jersey native now residing in sunny California where she loves to spend time at the beach and cook for friends. She’s also a huge music lover and spends a lot of her spare time singing and writing songs with her music loving friends. She believes in the power of words and spreading positivity to her loved ones and anyone new she is in the presence of.

Brandon - Avocado Engineering


Brandon loves building software, and has spent the past 20 years proving it. When not hacking in front of the computer, he enjoys a place called outside. He likes various outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, and getting back in front of the computer (but outside). All of this combined with his love of sleeping, makes Avocado Mattress a perfect fit. He’s excited to build a platform around natural organic products, and naps.

Brandon S. - Avocado Green Mattress


Heralding from a small coastal town in Florida, Brandon loves everything about the water and boarding, to include surfing, wake boarding, diving, fishing and snowboarding. As you might suspect, he’s a huge adrenaline junkie (think motorcycles, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and outdoor adventures). When you visit our Hoboken Experience Center, we hope you will have a chance to talk with him about sustainability, our mission, and vision for the future.

Bri - Avocado Support Team


Bri graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2014 and has since been exploring the less travelled corners of the earth. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and animal lover. She loves rock climbing, yoga, and bike touring. As our Sustainability programs lead, Bri is actively working on our pending B-Corp certification and other green business policies and initiatives.

Charles - Avocado Green Mattress


Originally from New Jersey, Charles is a CXP Specialist. He enjoys spending time with family and learning about emerging technology, coaches and plays basketball and loves the United States of America.

Chiany - Avocado Green Mattress


Chiany, a Los Angeles native, loves to write, listen to music, and cook for her family and friends. Most recently, she’s been on a mission to bake at least five different kinds of pies. Chiany is passionate and honest, completely dedicated to sustainability and giving back to her community. She also cares deeply about the needs and desires of others, which makes her ideally suited to work with customers who are looking for empathy and action.

Caroline - Avocado Green Mattress


Caroline is a DIY enthusiast – always building or making something her own. She loves a good challenge so you can find her tackling something new every other week. She’s a huge foodie so she’s always on the hunt for new and exciting places to eat. She loves to talk to people and solve problems so if you’re stumped on any question, Caroline is at our Hoboken Experience Center and always ready to help. (Ask her to some Friends trivia.)

Chris - Avocado Engineering


Chris is our website and platforms developer. His background in fine arts gives him a focus on user experience and aesthetic. He digs hiking, kayaking and traveling, and brews homemade kombucha and milk kefir. His greatest love is riding his bike with his future wife, Silvia, and their two pups. Chris comes to you from sunny St. Pete, Florida.

Christine - Avocado Green Mattress


Christine shares her contagious passion for green living with a deep love literature, traveling, and adventures in the woods. She has always dreamt about living a more simple life, like her hero, Henry David Thoreau, tucked away in the woods to “live deliberately” and “learn what the woods had to teach.”

Dan - Avocado Green Mattress


Dan is Avocado’s Operations Manager focusing on Finance, HR and business activities. He utilizes his 30+ years of corporate experience to manage our day-to-day. If you need something done, give it to Dan and he’ll make it happen. Dan loves taking walks along the beach with his wife, Darcy, watching sunrises and sunsets on the water, and spending time with his two pups and five grandkids.

Desi - Avocado Green Mattress


Desi is a Brooklyn girl turned Jersey girl. A professional dancer, Desi is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern. When she’s not helping customers at Avocado, you’ll finding her teaching dance or singing Karaoke at her favorite bar on Friday nights. And although she may be biased, she claims to own the best dog EVER!

Eleanor - Avocado Support Team


Eleanor is an uncomplicated, aspiring minimalist that is always trying to make sure everyone knows they are loved. This translates into her friendly, happy-go-lucky style with customers and the world alike. Her dreams include hot cups of coffee with coconut creamer, tropical birds, and really good tacos on a daily basis. One day she hopes to find a hobby she sticks with.

Fran - Avocado Support Team


Fran is all about his electric guitar, especially jazz. A spiritual and family-centered person (perhaps the result of his Mexican heritage), Fran dreams of traveling the world. He’s passionate about sustainability, minimalism, and back-to-basics living. For customer support, or advice on music, Fran is your man.

Gabie - Avocado Green Mattress


Gabe is from New Jersey, but New York will forever have her heart. Whether it’s hiking a nearby trail or enjoying a drink on the beach of Costa Rica, she is the definition of a gallivanter. As much as she enjoys to travel, there’s nothing she loves more than spending time with all 10 of her dogs at home. Yes! She really has 10 dogs!

Gia - Avocado Green Mattress


Gia, a published poet, loves artistic self expression, and often leads writing workshops with local high school kids. She’s a huge movie geek, and has worked as a script supervisor in the past. She’s also part of a table top gaming company on the side.

Jay Decker - Avocado Green Mattress


Jay Decker leads Avocado’s customer experience team, and directs our green partnerships and environmental campaigns. Jay is driven by mission and vision, and believes our success hinges on remarkable customer experiences. (He’s right, of course.) With an extensive background in software engineering, Jay also directs our technology initiatives, maximizing our agility and efficiency. If we can’t find an off-the-shelf technology solution that suits our needs, Jay will help build it.

Jeff D'Andrea - Avocado Green Mattress


Jeff D’Andrea, an avid pool and darts player on the Hoboken scene, directs Avocado’s strategy and operations, as well as our 
expanding product roadmap. Jeff also boasts deep web and software development expertise, having worked with Jay and Mark in past agencies, in roles that spanned from client strategy to user experience design. 

Jessica Hann - Avocado Green Mattress


Jessica brings the Avocado mission and brand to life through integrated, multi-platform storytelling and lifestyle content. She brings a decade of experience in marketing and public relations and a true passion for healthy living. She loves good design, good books, and good food. She and her husband live in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Josefina Ruiz - Avocado Green Mattress


Jozee is a young, bilingual student full of positive energy and ambition. She’s definitely a team player and feels rewarded when she’s helped someone. Jozee’s vitality and free-flowing spirit allows her to engage people to provide the best customer support possible. She’s constantly looking for ways to learn and grow spiritually … and almost never says no to ice cream.

Julie - Avocado Green Mattress


A California girl with East Coast roots, Julia loves adventuring around. From meditating at the Legion of Honor, to hiking and camping in Big Sur, to eating her way through Philly (cheesesteaks anyone?), her go-to line is, “Is it time for fun?” Here at Avocado she loves connecting with people and helping! An avid fan of music festivals, her bucket list item is to throw her own festival one day. Cheers to good tunes and good vibes!

Kaitlyn - Avocado Green Mattress


Kaitlyn is originally from Eastern Michigan, but moved to Atlanta shortly after graduating from college (even though she only knew one person and had no job prospects). But it was one of the best decisions for her. She’s a huge sports fan, especially hockey. She loves dogs, and in her spare time, frequently is hiking, running or spending time with a good book and a cup of coffee. Even so, he true passion is helping people, which is what brought her to the Avocado family.

Lashay - Avocado Green Mattress


South Carolinian turned Dodger fan (by default) who is now residing in sunny Los Angeles. The saying: “it never rains in Southern California” is true! Palm trees and sunshine. Quite the oenophile, Lashay loves all things wine and traveling to visit wineries. 90’s music makes her happy and beaches are her happy place. Striving for excellence in all that she does, no matter her circumstances, her posture will always be that of appreciation.

Leah Manning - Avocado Green Mattress


Leah is a lover of life and hopes to learn something new everyday. Biking, Photography, and family time are what make her ridiculously happy. Born and raised in California, she has also lived in Peru and dreams often of majestic mountains and the ocean. She feels incredibly lucky that caring about others and the environment is also a huge part of her job!

Mark Abrials - Avocado Green Mattress


Mark Abrials is Avocado’s brand, creative and marketing lead, managing our identity and communicating our product story across platforms and media. Mark combines his advocacy for sustainability with his extensive advertising agency and media experience to help bring Avocado to life. Married with two kids, he’s an avid outdoorsman and active Scout leader.

Maxwell - Avocado Green Mattress


Maxwell currently resides in New Jersey. When he’s not working to provide Green mattresses to the world, he’s a Wii Tennis champion. No really, he’s never lost a set in Wii Tennis and never will.

Melissa Kruse - Avocado Green Mattress


Melissa is our photographer extrodinairé, creative stylist and artistic visionary. She’s responsible for the amazing, authentic imagery on our site (of friends and team members, not paid models). She’s passionate about human rights, environmental preservation, international travel and visual storytelling.

Michael - Avocado Green Mattress


Michael is an early riser and health enthusiast—always experimenting with his sleep, diet, and exercise practices. He enjoys playing music, devouring self-help books, and incorporating his sense of humor wherever possible. Michael’s work philosophy is to simply take on any issue that arises—every problem is an opportunity to learn.

Michelle Gualta - Avocado Green Mattress


Michelle is a board game enthusiast hailing from Southern California. When she’s not crushing others at games, you can find her reading a book, eating, or watching Harry Potter for the 100th time. She is always up for new adventures and loves to travel to new places to explore and find new things to try. 

Mike - Avocado Support Team


Mike is a graduate of Syracuse University and a New Hampshire native. He enjoys the beach, traveling across the country, and visiting new places as well as familiar ones. Mike loves working with people and takes particular pleasure in helping them solve their problems. Always positive, Mike believes, “What you do makes a difference.”

Nat - Avocado Green Mattress


Currently living in Iowa, Nathaniel shares a passion for the outdoors (yes even during the Midwest winters). A huge basketball fan, he often plays pick up in between classes. Having lived for long stretches in the wilderness, he appreciates simple and natural living which pairs perfectly with the Avocado way.

Raymond - Avocado Green Mattress


An avid taco eater and rider of bikes, Raymond enjoys the simpler things in life such as short walks in the park or beach, michelada (a summer beer drink) in one hand and the company of friends and family. On weekends you would find him working on mastering the art of BBQ and dry rubs or chillaxing and binge watching various series.

Sarah - Avocado Green Mattress


When Sarah is not working, you’ll either find her in her garden, trying her hardest to make everything survive, wandering around the mountains with her family, or at the local hardware store working on yet another DIY project. She’s passionate about making improvements, whether it be on her home or on your Avocado customer service experience!

SJ - Avocado Green Mattress

Sarah Jane (SJ)

A passionate animal advocate, SJ has a rescue pit bull, Roxy, found abandoned in a box. (Roxy is in training now to become a therapy dog and help change perceptions of the breed.) SJ is supremely interesting: she hikes, plays bass guitar, collects vintage music, lives meat-free, and practices Yoga and meditation daily. She even performs aerial yoga and enjoys hanging upside down from her personal trapeze set. As a colorful member of our customer service team, SJ breaks it down simply: “Choose Kindness.”

Sean Brock - Avocado Green Mattress


Hailing from Vancouver Canada, Sean is extremely passionate about everything hockey. When he’s not playing or watching, you can find him on top of a mountain, or performing yoga with goats. He is passionate about the earth and wildlife. As an extrovert, he has the right personality for customer support and will surely brighten your day.

Trish - Avocado Green Mattress


Trish is originally from Trinidad, the country known for having a good time at Carnival. She came to the US right out of high school. Married with two beautiful children, Trish believes strongly in family and kindness. Her two secret pleasures are watching cartoons on Saturday mornings with her kids and staying up late playing Gears of War with her love, Dee. Her desire to be a part of something better brought her to Avocado, and she’s excited to help you get the best sleep ever. (Note, she loves to say, “All good things.”)

Ulyana - Avocado Support Team


Ulyana heralds all the way from Sevastopol, Russia, but now resides in the undisputed “country music capital” of the world. As a member of our Customer Experience Team, she’s just as passionate about gardening, kayaking and being outdoors as she is about living green and saving our oceans. Ulyana’s favorite Jacque Cousteau quote is: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”