This Design Trade Program Terms of Agreement and any other written materials provided to Member (as defined herein) from time to time (collectively, the “Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions of the Design Trade Program (the “Program”) of Avocado Green Mattress (the “Company”). The Program and the Agreement are subject to change without prior notice at the Company’s sole discretion. 

The purpose of the Program is to offer participating Members, who are subject to eligibility and the terms of this Agreement, a membership discount on eligible, full-price merchandise that may be redeemed online at AvocadoGreenMattress.com. Rights and rewards under this Agreement are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash value.



Only an accredited professional designer, including but not limited to an interior designer, architect or design firm, can apply to participate in the Program. Applicants who are verified and approved are referenced herein as “Member.”
The Company reserves the right to make all membership determinations at its sole discretion.



To apply, please complete the Program application form on this page:
To complete the application process, a copy of at least one of the following documents must be emailed to design@avocadomattress.com with the name of the applicant listed in the subject line of the email. 

The following documents are considered acceptable for application qualifications:

  • Link to residential design portfolio, website or social media. If no online presence, please send photos of a recent project
  • Valid proof of membership in a national industry organization (e.g. ASID, IIDA, AIA, NKBA, EDC)
  • Valid interior design accreditation or certification (e.g. NCIDQ, CCIDC)
  • Valid proof of membership to a national staging organization (e.g. ASP, HSR, IRIS, IRN)
  • Please note that business and tax licenses will not be accepted as valid qualification on their own

Members who would like to have Program purchases be exempt from sales tax and hold a valid resale license or tax exempt certificate will need to email both license and resale certificate to design@avocadomattress.com. An electronic photocopy of valid documentation must be provided to be considered for tax exemption; resale license or tax exempt certificate numbers will not be accepted as proof of tax exemption. Company will not refund sales tax on purchases made prior to approval of Member’s Program account for tax exemption. 

By completing the required application and submitting the required eligibility documentation (as set forth above), Member confirms he/she has read, understood and fully accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.



  • Member’s name and business address must be provided on the application. 
  • Multiple individuals employed by a single design firm or entity may not apply individually; the design firm or entity itself will become the Program Member. We encourage these design firms and entities to set account login information that can be accessed by all qualified individuals within the firm or entity.
  • It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Company of any changes in his/her contact information. Members can update information by emailing design@avocadomattress.com
  • Member is the only person or design firm/entity authorized to make purchases using their Program account and/or discount. 
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 
  • Company employees are not eligible for Program membership. 
  • Company reserves the right to review and terminate a Member’s eligibility if Company believes, in its sole discretion, that Member has violated the terms of this Agreement or the spirit of the Program. Company will notify the Member that he/she is no longer eligible to participate in the Program. 
  • Members may cancel their membership at any time by emailing design@avocadomattress.com.
  • Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account information and password for their Program Account. Members also agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under his/her Program account or password.
  • Company may discontinue the Program at any time and at Company’s sole discretion.
  • Third party reselling outside of individual design clients is prohibited.



  • Member will receive a 20% discount on eligible, full-price merchandise on the Company’s website at the then-published retail price. Discount is non-negotiable and excludes goop x Avocado collection items. 
  • Discount code will be provided at time of Member approval into the Program. Any changes to the discount code will be communicated via email to the Member account’s listed email address. Discount code may not be shared publicly or with anyone not approved in the Program.
  • Discount may not be combined with any other offers, coupons or promotions, and cannot be applied to reduced price, sale, closeout or clearance merchandise.
  • Discount does not apply to any purchases made prior to enrollment in the Program. 
  • The Program discount is not redeemable for cash. 
  • The Program discount is not applicable toward purchases of Gift Cards, eGift Cards, services, shipping and handling, taxes or other fees, and non-merchandise charges.
  • Company reserves the right to change the list of merchandise not eligible and the eligibility of the merchandise which qualifies for the Program discount at any time and at its sole discretion.



  • To make an online purchase at AvocadoGreenMattress.com, Member must be logged in to his/her Program account in order to receive Program discount with Program discount code. 
  • Member may have his/her client pay for a purchase using the client’s credit card or other legal tender, except when purchasing tax exempt (see details below).
  • Member (or in accordance with the above rule, Member’s client) will be responsible for payment of any and all taxes, services charges, and other fees associated with the discounted amounts, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.
  • Product returns are subject to the applicable return policy and will be credited (as applicable) at the membership discount rate.



  • Members who would like to make a tax-exempt Program purchase and who hold a valid resale license and tax-exempt certificate will need to email valid copies of both license and resale certificate to design@avocadomattress.com.
  • An electronic photocopy of valid documentation must be provided to be considered for tax exemption; resale license or tax-exempt certificate numbers will not be accepted as proof of tax exemption status.
  • Company reserves the right to decline tax-exempt requests.
  • Company will not refund sales tax on purchases made prior to approval of Member’s Program account for tax exemption.
  • Members will be required to use his/her own credit card or other legal tender for any tax-exempt Program purchases.
  • Members working with a non-profit client must have the client furnish required tax-exemption documentation and use the client’s credit card or other legal tender for any tax-exempt Program purchases.
  • Tax-exempt Program purchases may only be made online at www.avocadogreenmattress.com.
  • Tax-Exempt Purchasing Overview:
    • No minimum order amount required
    • Sales tax and exemptions are based on ship to state
    • Upon approval, all purchases shipping to the state(s) for which resale certificates have been provided will be exempt. Taxes will be added if shipping to a different state.
    • If member also wants the option to purchase with sales tax added now or in the future, member will need to create a separate Avocado account (with a different email address) and will be assigned a separate discount code.
    • Exemption will be valid for three years unless state mandates expiration earlier
    • Exemption must be set up prior to purchase - absolutely no refunds on sales tax post purchase
  • Member Responsibilities:
    • Provide valid seller’s permit AND resale certificate(s) for any state where member wishes to be exempt.
    • Resale certificates must be completely filled out, with Avocado listed as the vendor/seller: 
      • Avocado Green Mattress, 12 Hudson Place, Suite 100, Hoboken, NJ 07030
    • Payment must be issued by the business listed on the resale certificate (i.e. payment form must be business credit card)
    • Verify taxes are not included prior to purchase. Avocado will not refund sales tax post purchase. 
    • Member understands that any item purchased tax exempt is for the purpose of resale. Avocado is not responsible for any sales tax issues that may arise post purchase



  • Company may contact Members or representative of Member directly regarding changes to the Program. 
  • Program Member will automatically be opted-in to receiving emails from the Company for marketing purposes. Member may unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time. 
  • By submitting an application to the Program, the Member consents to the Company Privacy Policy, which is available at: https://www.avocadogreenmattress.com/pages/privacy.



  • Information on Avocado Green Mattress’ 1-year Sleep Trial and Return Policy can be found at: https://www.avocadogreenmattress.com/pages/sleep-trial
  • If a product is returned or exchanged by a customer, the sleep trial for that product type (mattress, topper, base, sheets, protectors, pads) is thereby terminated and the customer or household is eligible for other sleep trials in the future for that product type.
  • We define this household-wide policy by customer name, or shipping address, or billing method/account or billing address.
  • All furniture sales are final, except when there are defects in workmanship which are covered by a 10-year warranty. 
  • More information on our sleep trial and returns can be found at: https://help.avocadogreenmattress.com/en/collections/2648414-trials-returns