Celebrating the ridiculous along with the awesome is fundamental to goop. Finding gifts that live precisely at the junction of delightful and amazing — without veering too far into the preposterous — is a delicate harmony. It often brings us to fun, rubberneck-y, wait-what? moments that beg the question, “For whom, exactly, would one purchase a seat on a flight to space?”

Then there are the makers. The artisans who obsessively tweak and refine to create something of exceptional quality. Their products may not cater to a huge audience, but they make up for it with acute specificity. All the better if this rare thing of beauty is also deeply useful.

Our partnership with Avocado falls into this particular category. We applied incredibly luxurious, ethically sourced GOTS-certified organic materials to a need that’s as essential as food, air, and water: sleep. Rest assured, the goop X Avocado bed is the trip to the moon. Its custom support is the result of unparalleled craftsmanship, made using a circular manufacturing process that’s as good for us as it is for the planet. So if it’s an out-of-this-world experience on a climate-neutral bespoke mattress you’re after, this is it.

And yes, we know. It’s ridiculous — but awesome!

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From our Los Angeles workshop, artisans craft the goop X Avocado bed using only the finest natural, organic materials for unparalleled support and deep, restorative sleep. Each is a masterpiece of the bedmaker's art, requiring many weeks of workmanship, handcrafted to your unique comfort preferences and style, including firmness, wood finish, base style, and height. It's true conscious luxury, without horsehair. Each of the 29 layers — and every step in the global supply chain — is certified to the highest possible standards for ethical, social, and environmental responsibility.


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Goop x Avocado Luxury Organic Mattress Cotton
Goop X Avocado Silk Pillowcase


Goop x Avocado Luxury Organic Mattress vs Savoir
Goop x Avocado Luxury Organic Pillow

Made To Order in Los Angeles

The goop X Avocado bed represents the pinnacle of the bedmaker’s craft, balanced with progressive American values of sustainability, social responsibility, ethics, and transparency. We don't use horsehair. We source the finest organic certified materials: pure latex and heritage wool from our own farms in India, royal alpaca from the Peruvian Andes, cashmere, coco fiber from the temperate zones of Asia, “non-violent” organic silk, extra long-staple cotton, organic hemp, recycled steel coils lashed together traditionally with Italian laid cord in a web of 6-way knots, foundations made with reclaimed wood or sustainable hardwoods from Oregon, plus three layers of handmade springs lovingly encased in organic cotton pockets for unparalleled comfort and support. Of course, everything, from the nesting of materials and assembly of the springs, to the stitching of the side panels and tufting, is done by hand. As a result, each mattress requires a team of 12 craftsman several weeks just to produce one goop X Avocado bed.
Goop x Avocado Natural
Goop x Avocado Natural Coils
Goop x Avocado Natural Laid Cord
Goop x Avocado Natural Organic Luxury

The World's Most Certified Sustainable Luxury Mattress

Avocado is the world’s first bed company to be Climate Neutral Certified® and achieve net-zero carbon emissions. In 2020, Avocado went carbon negative, offsetting more carbon than it generates — the new bar for all sustainable brands. Every material in the goop X Avocado bed boasts an overabundance of organic and non-toxic certifications. The mattress and toppers are both GREENGUARD Gold and Formaldehyde Free certified to meet the most rigorous standards for chemical exposure and pollutants. Plus Avocado is a certified B-Corp, 1% for the Planet's inaugural “Pinnacle Award Winner," and Good Housekeeping's “Sustainable Innovation Award Winner” for 2020. No other luxury brand comes close in terms of transparency and social responsibility.

goop X Avocado Bed Certifications



Goop x Avocado Green Mattress review
“How I sleep determines the kind of day I’m going to have — dramatic, I know. So I do my absolute best to create the most zen sleep environment: no blue light in the bedroom past 9 p.m., essential oils are a must, and my pillows need to be soft but not too soft (I’m one of those side sleepers who likes to flip the pillow over a million times to sink into the perfect cool spot. All of these small but crucial bedroom must-haves help me have a productive day.” — Alexis Antoniadis, goop Social Media Manager


Goop x Avocado Green Mattress review
“In addition to requiring a minimum of eight undisturbed hours of sleep to function, now, thanks to our new normal, I spend at least an extra four or five hours working or reading in bed. No need to confirm the math here — I spend a lot of time semi-horizontal, so I’ve created a sort of floating oasis: a folding bed desk, dorky reading light, side table with ample room for snacks, and my beloved Avocado mattress. Weekends are a whole other story. That’s when my kids, my husband, and I get to take afternoon naps, something we’re pretty religious about and hope will become a family tradition that lasts well into our little ones’ older years.” —Kate Wolfson, goop VP of Content
Goop x Avocado Green Mattress review
“For the first 12 years of our relationship, my husband, Austin, and I slept on twin beds, a borrowed full mattress from a college friend — thanks, Greg — and later a squarish bed of indeterminate size in a fully furnished apartment we moved into. The first mattress we bought ourselves was from Avocado. Austin is happy that his feet no longer hang off the edge of the bed (he’s six-four, and it’s a queen). Of course, I’ve judged it by how comfortable it is to read in bed, which is my favorite and only hobby. And it’s very comfortable to read in bed.” —Kiki Koroshetz, goop Wellness Director


Goop x Avocado Green Mattress review
“I was one of those kids who vehemently resisted going to bed — how backward I had it! When you’re a grown-up, overextended (aren’t we all), and juggling a thousand things and thoughts, bed is a heavenly reprieve that you adore and think of fondly throughout the day. I love the lead-up to bedtime almost as much as I love lying there, propped up on a queenly stack of pillows. My dream wind-down routine unfolds like so: taking a steamy postdinner shower, where I let go of the day and think of nothing but how spectacular the hot water feels cascading over me; giving myself a two-minute self-massage with body oil; and sliding between the sheets, where for the next half hour I devour cooking magazines, sip lavender tea, and burrow delightfully further under the covers. Bed is the most soothing, luxurious little nest, and I’m grateful mine is so cozy and replenishing.” —Megan O’Neill, goop Senior Beauty Editor  



The goop X Avocado bed is available at our experience centers in California. A complete bed includes the topper, mattress, foundation, and base. Components can be purchased separately, too. Private showroom appointments are available upon request. For an online introduction, we host virtual appointments on Zoom so you can experience the goop X Avocado bed from the comfort and privacy of your home.

MATTRESS: $22,000 - $32,000.
COMPLETE BED: $38,000 - $58,000.

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