We handcraft our Malibu Bed Frame Solid Wood Legs with natural, responsibly sourced maple or walnut. Both maple and walnut are high-quality hardwoods that are durable, resilient, and sustainable — and tasteful elements like brass accents create a modern, yet classic design. Customize your bed frame to your preferred height or make room for under-the-bed storage with 6-inch or 8-inch solid wood legs. Made in our sustainable Los Angeles facility, which marries traditional craftsmanship with high-tech capabilities, the legs meet Avocado's high standards for social and environmental responsibility.

Modern Wood Platform Bed Frame
Modern Wood Platform Bed Frame
Modern Platform Bed Frame Compare to Thuma Bed


A lot of furniture is mass-made with cheap particle board, synthetic laminates, or veneers. Each piece looks exactly the same. That's not how we do things at Avocado. We individually handcraft all our furniture with 100% solid, FSC®-certified wood. We believe in letting the rich character of the wood speak for itself. This way, every piece is original, with its own slight variations. It costs a little more to do things this way. But our customers love having unique, durable, thoughtfully crafted furniture that will last generations.

Affordable Wood Platform Bed Frame Cheaper than Thuma


Adjust the height of your bed with 6-inch or 8-inch-tall solid wood legs. The two height options allow you to personalize your Malibu Bed Frame for greater ease when getting in and out of bed or for additional under-the-bed storage. And setup is easy. Just follow these instructions.

The Best Wood Platform Bed Frame


Furniture paints and stains are toxic, known to emit harmful VOCs that negatively impact indoor air quality. To make matters worse, the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard commonly used in furniture often contain carcinogens such as Urea-formaldehyde or Phenol-formaldehyde. Our Malibu Platform Bed Frame uses 100% naturally non-toxic maple or walnut wood, non-toxic Titebond Wood Glue, and eco-friendly ECOS® Paint wood varnish. In addition, our membership to the Sustainable Furnishings Council backs up our commitment to providing furniture and products that are better for you and the planet.

Project Zero Waste



Avocado is always seeking innovative ways to be more sustainable — while never compromising the luxury feel of our products. From materials to manufacturing and shipping, we understand that every small decision contributes to our larger impact. Implementing sustainable, zero-waste practices is essential if we want to make meaningful strides in the fight against climate change. In 2022, by being intentional about our materials and manufacturing, we expanded our production facility footprint from two to five while still increasing the amount of waste we diverted from landfills by 9%, achieving an overall waste diversion rate of 78%. Our goal is at least an 80% diversion rate. Read more about Project Zero Waste.