We donate our returned products to shelters and others in need, because everyone deserves a good, safe night’s sleep.


Our products contain high-quality, durable materials. Our dedication to American-made craftsmanship, combined with up to a 1-year sleep trial that allows users to adjust to their new bed without pressure, means Avocado has a very low return rate. But occasionally our products don’t work out for customers. Rather than spend valuable resources picking up the mattress, shipping it back to our factory, and then trying to resell it (which is what most companies do), we had a novel idea: What if we just donate them? 

Everyone deserves a mattress — and a good night’s rest. So our sustainability team developed a nationwide network of over 1,000 nonprofit  partners, including local women’s shelters, rehabilitation centers, refugee centers, and centers for those with disabilities. We often work with Family Promise, an organization dedicated to ending family homelessness.

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"Every day starts with a good night’s sleep. And, really, every future starts with a good night’s sleep. For so many families, housing instability and homelessness robs them of so much, including sleep. Family Promise is thrilled to work with Avocado. Avocado has given the gift of a good night’s sleep to parents and children who have overcome homelessness. They’ve given these families the start to a brand new future."

— Family Promise CEO Claas Ehlers



Every year, we donate over 90 percent of our mattress returns and 100 percent of our pillow and mattress topper and protector returns. The impact is multifaceted. Those in need receive valuable resources, nonprofits save money, and we have effectively diverted thousands of metric tons of goods — drastically reducing the waste, energy, and greenhouse gases it would require to return these products to our factory.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with this service,” said one recipient of a donated Avocado mattress. “We work so hard to help people regain housing, but when they move in they often do so with just a sleeping bag and a backpack. It takes a lot of labor and resources to help a house feel like a home, and your donation of a mattress — an amazing one at that — helps us immensely.”